I consider that the most beautiful things in women are their complex essence. This is why today I decided to write an article about women, with useful tips easy to apply day by day. I'm not a fan of Life Hacks, I believe almost 80-90% of them are written / recorded just for clickbait / waste time. This is why I thought a lot before writing this article. I consider that my readers, because it's all about you today, deserve the best tips and tricks.

shirt: Zara | skirt: Zara | Sandals: Stradivarius

Here are 10 things to do to look great day by day:

  1. Do one thing daily that makes you happy. Read, walk, listen to your favorite song or paint something and try to do it daily. Time anyway flies away and it's not worth postponing your favorite activities just to do odd trifles. Happiness is the easiest to read on someone's face, it boosts confidence. Do you know what? Stop reading this article now and start doing what you like. See you later, here.
  2. Use an expensive perfume. Not necessarily expensive in what concerns the money, but expensive as a scent. Search for a perfume that is perfectly balanced with your essence. Try to imagine your personality strained in a perfume bottle. How would you describe the aroma?
  3. Cut your hair periodically. We love adore our long hair. But because of environmental factors, constant pollution and stress, our hair suffers. We talk here about a hair that is too thin, tern, lifeless. A haircut will instantly revive the look of your hair. And believe me, I speak from my own experience!
  4. Dress well. Yes, a good outfit will boost your confidence. Will make you look great. Will make you walk stylish to reach your goals. Be the muse of your own style.

  1. Dare to use make up. "Natural beauty clutch”, They say. I say “Glow a little bit, babe". I think a little bit of make up never hurts. A great foundation with medium coverage and a beautiful lipstick will change your look and your mood. These are little details, so ... why should we miss them?
  2. Do relaxing baths. A bath enjoyed with your favorite shower gel or oil will make your skin as soft as a baby's skin and will revitalize you.
  3. Flirt or spend more time with your partner. It is said that love does miracles. And I agree with this idea. Even if you go dating someone, or you socialize or spend a lovely time with your dear one, love will give you a general state of well-being. Be careful not to take part in a toxic relationship, just because of the art of love. More about that, perhaps, in a future blog post.
  4. Eliminate negative thoughts and / or people. You reach a point in your life when you realize that some people or thoughts give you a state of discomfort. It doesn't make sense to try to please such a person.

  1. Wear heels from time to time. I'm a huge fan of heels and I don't hesitate to wear them on any occasion, so I know the amazing feeling they give you when walking on them. Choose your favorite model and wear it anytime you like.
  2. Be yourself. I knoooow, you've heard this before, but it's so sad when we restrict ourselves, when we inhibit our feelings just because we fear the reaction of those around us. Put your foot down (a foot dressed with heels, of course) and be yourself in any situation.

What other things do you do? Leave a comment below and share your experience.

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