Close your eyes and image: fireworks, champagne, tasty appetizers, radiance ... Have I managed to introduce you to the atmosphere from New Year's Eve? Below I will present you 5 dresses to look fabulous on new years eve.

This magnificent celebration that marks simultaneously the end and the beginning must be spent in a fabulous way. I find that a dress is the best option for NYE, since it has that unique vibe, perfect for a party. And since everything in the shops looks so good in this time period, I made a list that will make shopping easier for you. Here are, then, 5 dresses guaranteed to make you look fabulous on new years eve:

1. An asymmetrical cut dress

Dress to to look fabulous on new years eve (1) Dress to to look fabulous on new years eve (2) Dress to to look fabulous on new years eve (3) Dress to to look fabulous on new years eve (4) Dress to to look fabulous on new years eve (5)

Modern interpretation, the asymmetrical cut dress makes anyone look good. It has a sassy look and it stands out in a crowd. I decided to make it even more unique, by adding a red turtleneck (since here in Bucharest it is very cold during this period). The sandals with butterfly wings and the gold clutch have perfectly completed the whole outfit.

2. A sequin dress

You can't go wrong with a sequin dress. Shiny, just like the party, this dress is perfect for NYE. I find that the proposal in the image is absolutely stunning. The sandals are very well chosen and everything looks gorgeous.

source: pinterest

3. A metallic dress

We live in a world that is changing very fast, and fashion tries to keep up with all these changes. I find that a metallic dress is such an example, its modern texture being great for NYE party. And if you want to be in the center of attention, this is the best option for you.

source: pinterest

4. A velvet dress

What would we be without the old and rich velvet? The world would be incomplete without it. Velvet is such an exquisite, rich and stylish material. It is the best option for the classic woman, who wants to conquer the world without too much effort. For a twist, I would choose a modern cut, like the one from the image.

source: pinterest

5. The fringe dress

Are you ready to dance? If the NYE party is all about dancing and having fun, the fringe dress is the ideal option! It is a dress that creates a dynamic movement, being very feminine at the same time. Fiesta, baby!

source: pinterest

Which one of these dresses looks the most appealing to you?

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