Girl with trench coat
Girl with trench coat
5 reasons why you should buy a trench coat
Girl with trench coat

I must recognize this fall I fell in love with my trench coat and I wore it repeatedly. This essential outerwear is a staple piece in anyone's closet and there are some strong reasons behind this statement. Join me today to find out 5 reasons why you should buy a trench coat:

1. The trench coat is timeless. Period

Girl with trench coat

Trends come and fly. Like money, right? But a trench coat may be kept in your closet for a long time, because it is an elegant and classic piece, with a gorgeous polished cut. From its origins around 1850 & #8211; 1860, the trench coat was meant to be practical. Both John Emary and Thomas Burberry have proposed models of trench coats to dress the military. Burberry continues to be the first name that comes to mind when one thinks of the most representative fashion house in this area.

2. It is versatile

The trench coat can be worn with both sports shoes and heels. It can be taken over a dress, as well as over jeans and a sweater. It can be worn with an office outfit or at a stroll in the park. In short, this outerwear piece is good in a lot of contexts, from where it comes to its versatility. It is wonderful to know that you can rely on a piece that helps you no matter what.

3. It makes you look wow no matter the situation

Let & #8217; s do a little exercise. Imagine a plain pair of jeans. Then a plain white tee shirt. And a pair of plain black boots with a square heel. Add a trench coat over all of these. What do you notice? Yes, exactly! The trench coat does animate a plain outfit and it gives an elegant appearance, an elevated and somewhat luxurious look. It clearly saves any outfit!

4. It completes only in an outfit

Girl with trench coat

For example, in the outfit I'm wearing today, my trench coat goes perfectly over the sweater and the fuchsia boots. On other days I got dressed in a pair of jeans and a simple sweater, but the trench coat got my back. What I do want to highlight in this case is that, when it comes to fashion, it is essential to present a complete and complex look. In order to achieve a harmonious image, you must combine different pieces and styles.

Fuchsia boots

5. The trench coat goes in any season

As it was thought, a trench coat is made of waterproof fabric. So rain should not be a factor when thinking about buying a trench coat. Another feature worth considering is the construction of this outerwear piece. The buttons that lock the fabric tightly around the body help maintain the heat in this area. Additionally, the waist is cinched by the belt you tighten around the body. It is obviously a piece designed to protect in case of bad weather.

outfit: Trench coat & #8211; Mohito (not available anymore) | Boots: Zara | handbag: Zara

Do you have a trench coat in your closet? If not, do you consider buying one?

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