There it is a lot of things to say about Portofino, but if I had to summarize a single sentence, I would say: Portofino is a corner of heavenLocated on Italy’s northwest coast, with houses dyed in rich hues of red and dark orange, that are in a perfect contrast with the blue water and the luxuriant vegetation, Portofino steals your heart from the first moment. Close your eyes for 2-3 seconds and imagine that you hear the water, that you feel the sun touching gently your face and that you smell a subtle perfume of citrus fruits in the air. This is how I can describe the feelings you get once you’re here.

I visited Portofino in a late afternoon of September with Darius, my fiance. We got there by taking the boat from Rapallo to Portofino. My fiancée boss strongly advised us to visit Rapallo on our trip to northern Italy, and as Rapallo is very close to Portofino, we decided to visit them both on the same day. As I said, I got to Portofino by the water, the transportation being cheap, somewhere around 13 euro round trip. The short trip was very pleasant because we had the opportunity to admire the crystal clear waters and to see Santa Margherita Ligure from a distance (unfortunately!) That we promised to visit when we return to this idyllic land.

On our way to Portofino, starting from Rapallo
In the port of Santa Margherita Ligure

Arriving in the harbor, we were immediately charmed of the vividly colored houses with green shutters that have stolen our eyes and, implicitly, the heart. Boat docked boats, white, made a perfect picture along with these houses. Although there were quite a lot of tourists, it was one quietly, which allowed you to enjoy every corner you saw. So we decided to step in a short route, not having more than 2 hours at our disposal, because we had to go back to Rapallo.

Portofino Port

In Portofino you arrive by boat in a romantic main square, which is surrounded by shops and restaurants. It is a famous place because a lot of celebrities went here. We spotted a restaurant that displays at its entrance a lot of pictures showing its manager together with famous people, like Shakira. We visited the charming piazzetta, and next we climbed the stairs, since Portofino is somewhat disposed on a vertical axis if you imagine a system of axes arranged horizontally and vertically.

On the streets of Portofino

The Church of St. Martin

This fairytale land gains even more charm when you get up! Downhill you can admire the crystal waters and white boats, and up there you can admire the lush vegetation and the sun that is in a perfect symphony with the environment. Oh, there are not enough words to play this idyllic picture! My heart was stolen in Portofino.

I admired the clean houses and narrow lanes that were climbing along the hill. A subtle fragrance of citrus has accompanied us in this perfect trek. Then I went down to see the colorful set of souvenirs and to enjoy a small one snack. I can only say that I have drunk the most delicious lemonade of my whole life, and my fiancé has enjoyed the best gelato at Gelateria Gepi! Unfortunately, we did not have much time to visit the magic field, but we promised to come back and then we will surely stay longer.

I decided to start with Portofino my travel series, since this place (until now!) is the one that completely stole my heart.

Which place impressed you the most in the world? Write me in the comments and give me ideas for future trips! 🙂


Love and kisses,

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