Today I'm going to talk about one of the hottest topics ever! It's about the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions from you and that is: what are the best Instagram spots to take pictures in Bucharest? Get excited, because in this blog post you will find all you need to know about some of the most beautiful places in Romania's capital. So, here are the best Instagram spots in Bucharest

1. Carousel Carousel

Address: Lipscani str., No. 55

The above picture was taken in Carturesti Carusel. This place is one of the most beautiful book stores in the world, and of course, one of the most instagrammable places in Bucharest. Picturesque, white and clean, full of good books, tea, coffee, and other goodies, is a must-see place.

Girl on the stairs

2. Romanian Athenaeum

Address: Franklin Street, no. 1-3

Beyond beautiful, the Romanian Athenaeum is a concert hall in the center of Bucharest. The ornate, domed, circular building surrounded by an elegant garden full of blooming flowers is one of the places you can't miss.

Girl with white dress

3. Capitol Hotel, Victory Avenue

Address: Victory Avenue, no. 29

Whether you choose to take the pictures early in the morning or at lunch, this place is full of charm and elegance. That is why I would recommend you to wear a sophisticated outfit as I did in the picture on the left. Pro tip: in order to get the best pictures, go there at sunset. Believe me, the images will look stunning!

Girl texting on the phone

4. National Museum of Romanian History

Address: Victory Avenue, no. 12

Let's stay a little longer on this avenue since it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bucharest! Here you will find the National Museum of Romanian History, a place full of meanings in what concerns Romanian artifacts. The imposing frontal view and the beautiful stairs make this place a great spot to visit (and take photos, of course).

Smiling girl

5. The central fountains

Address: Union Square, no. 2

Moving a little bit to the city center, we discover the fountains that were recently inaugurated and which offer a great show. The steam produced by the water that seems to dance and the charm given by the elegant construction is the ideal background of a great picture. Pro tip: Stay at the show at night. You will listen to popular songs and watch creative light effects on the water.

Best Instagram spots in Bucharest

Girl in the garden

6. Botanical Garden

Address: Cotroceni str., No. 32

It shouldn't come as a surprise. This spot is on the list since it's a place that looks like a fairytale. Having a surface of 18.2 hectares, the “Dimitrie Brândză” Botanical Garden is organized into specific outdoor sectors and interior sectors. Pro tip: visit this place during spring months, the lily magnolia are stunning over there.

Girl with big bow

7. The sphere from AFI Cotroceni

Address: General Vasile Milea avenue, no. 4

For a tech-savvy picture, I would recommend you to take photos next to the sphere at the entrance to the AFI Cotroceni mall. The imposing construction is a great place that allows you to play with the outfit, having the opportunity to pose in both a casual or a chic outfit.

Girl with oversized shirt

8. Herăstrau Park

Address: Aviatorilor Boulevard

Let's move to the north now. Knows also as King Michael I Park, this huge park offers many places where you can take stunning photos. Whether you choose to shoot photos near the green alleys, the Japanese Garden or near Herastrau Lake, the images will look beyond amazing.

Girl wearing pastel colors

9. The Arch of Triumph

Address: Kiseleff Street place

Again, it shouldn't come as a surprise that this place is on the list. The recently renovated triumphal arch offers the perfect background for your pictures. Whether you choose to take the shots early in the morning or at sunset, the Arch of Triumph will not disappoint you.

Girl in front of a sky tower

10. The sky towers in Pipera

Address: str. Gara Herastrau, no. 4

Recently I went to meet Darius after work and I couldn't believe my eyes how many amazing places I have discovered in his work area. The sky towers make the perfect background for a futuristic image. Personally, I find this spot to be amazing!

How do you like these spots?

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