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At the beginning of the year, I think it's worth making all kinds of lists and resolutions: how to eat healthier, what to visit next, how to have more free time, and the list can go on forever. As for ME, I am interested at the beginning of the year in the evolution of fashion trends and how to make my closet look flawless anytime. In short, I'm curious about what fashion trends will be worth trying this year. Because yes, I admit, not all trends are worth trying. Let's go through the list of the best trends to watch in 2020.

1. Lighter Leather

tendinte 2020

In 2020, leather is like the salt that is added to food, the light that turns night into day, is quite everything. Fashion designers have made a passion obsession for leather and especially this year, for the lighter colored one. In modern and bold shades. Dusty pink, turquoise, light muted green (pistachio color) and dark chocolate brown are just a few of the shades that make this trend even better. You can also see me wearing a pistachio leather shirt right here.

2. Polka dots and pinstripes

buline si dungi fine

And not all kinds of polka dots and pinstripes. Rather big and bold polka dots and thin pinstripes. Polka dots are a fantastic print when it comes to creating a fun and feminine outfit. At the opposite pole, there are the pinstripes that have a masculine influence and can be found in suits, ie in everything that means office wear. Whether you go for polka dots, pinstripes or both prints, you will look fabulous!

Image: Blazer | Top

3. Fringe


Well, I guess fringe is back! Again. As with polka dots and pinstripes, the fringe is redesigned. Mai exact, expect to find fringes on the bags, on the hem of a skirt or attached to a jacket. It's used to get a fresh look, with modern accents, which gives the impression of I-didn't-struggle-too-much-for-this-and-yet-I-look-fantastic.

Image: blouse | Bag

4. Loafers


What did I say before about fresh and modern looks? Loafers do really help you to get such a look. Just imagine a pair of light high-rise jeans, a black turtleneck, an oversized white blazer and a pair of black loafers. They look great together, right? Don't hesitate to wear loafers to a colorful pencil skirt or a simple, A-line dress.

Image: Colorful loafers | Black loafers

5. All Brown Everything


Seriously, a greater passion for a color like this I have seen only for pink, which has been declared the color of millennials. Beige, dark chocolate brown, cinnamon brown or caramel brown - brown is everywhere! Not only does it add some color to neutral shades of white, black and gray, but it has a sophisticated vibe that is hard to find in other colors. If you are like me and you don't like the brown (erm, I could live without it anytime!), I recommend trying softer shades of brown like beige and tan.

Image: Dress | Bag

tendinte 2020

Sweater: Cotton (similar one here) | skirt: Poema | Boots: Zara | Bag: - (similar one here) | Tights: Calzedonia

6. Geometric-Shaped Heels

tocuri 2020

Heels became in the last months the subject of an artwork. The usual heel of a stiletto shoe is nothing compared to the art that is brought to heels at this time. Curved, elongated or very sharp, they become more interesting day by day. And you know what? I can totally see myself wearing something like this! I would definitely choose a pair of fuchsia heels or cyan heels.

Image: Zebra printed heels | Metallic pumps

7. Puff Sleeves + Everything Exaggerated

maneci bufante

Everything exaggerated - is a phrase that deserves to be remembered in 2020. And again, I think it's worth a try! Puff sleeves or shoulders, wide jackets worn with tight skirts, oversized suits paired with loafers - all these are combinations that have been seen at fashion shows and which, I have no doubt, will also appear in stores. Personally, I will wear and re-wear and re-re-wear puff sleeves. They are so feminine and atypical!

Image: Shirt | Blazer

8. Fuchsia x 2020


Fuchsia has gained some momentum since last year and I see that it maintains its top position in this year's trends. And I have nothing against it. I LOVE this shade of pink. It's a shade that any woman can wear; even by those who think pink is for girls. It's the shade that actually makes the transition between girls and women. And it goes amazing paired with cold tones!

Image: Dress | Pumps

What trends are you most attracted to in 2020?

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