If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen from my stories and photos I shared that I went to Brasov together with Darius, my fiancé. And I must say that it was an amazing experience! We needed to take a break from the busy Bucharest and we traveled to a charming city where we charged our batteries. Brasov is an incredible city, famous for Transylvania, Romania, because of its settlement, its atmosphere and its delicious food. Stay with me to Find all the info you need to know if you plan to visit Brasov:


From Bucharest, we traveled by train to Brasov. It was a pleasant journey that lasted 2 hours and a half. So we had the opportunity to admire the mountains because the train passed by the mountain resorts of Sinaia, Busteni (about which I wrote here some time ago and Predeal. Of course, you can get to Brasov by car or by plane.


We stayed at Blue Studio Brasov, an amazing place to stay because of all its amenities. Located just a few minutes away from the Council Square (Brasov's Old Town), it has the ideal settlement if you want to get to the center quickly. Tastefully furnished, it's a place where I and Darius had a great time. It is not a surprise that is voted with 10 on a booking site.


Brasov is an amazing city, where you can not get bored. With an astonishing architecture, a rich history, wonderful cathedrals, and marvelous restaurants, you can have a lot of fun here. Of course, we visited the Council Square, the Black Church, Sforii Street (53 inches at its widest point and only 44 inches at its narrowest point), the Fortress and many more. You can also stroll on the charming streets full of beautiful houses. From Brasov, you can visit Rasnov, Bran or Poiana Brasov for a one-day trip to great locations.

Council Square
Black Church


Brasov has so many restaurants with delicious food! I recommend At Ceaun if you want to eat Romanian traditional food (the cabbage rolls, the beef soup and the chicken on the pot are excellent!), The Carpathian Bear and Am Rosenanger if you want to taste the delicious German sausages.

By the way, I together with Darius plan to visit other cities across Europe this summer. What other travel destinations would you recommend to us?

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