Halso, in Bucharest, the weather from November to March is rather awful. * sigh * Snow, sleet, snow blizzards and low temperatures are always in demand. And then, the next question arises: "How to dress chic when it's cold?"

Shirt: Zara (Similar one here) | Skirt: Zara (Similar one here) | Jacket: Zara (Similar one here) | Boots: You are (Similar ones here) | Tights: Calzedonia


Here are the tips:

1.Layers over layers

What exactly does that mean? STEP 1. Choose the chic outfit that you want to wear. In my case, I chose a leather mini skirt and a floral print shirt. STEP 2. Add clothes underneath. In my case, I added not only one, but two pairs of tights, a cotton top and a pair of cozy, yet sophisticated socks. The key to success: add always something underneath.

2. & #8221; Garnish & #8221; the ensemble

If you added something underneath, you can also add something on top. Choose two central pieces and then, complete. You may add a blazer, a vest, a shirt over a turtleneck, you name it. I added an elegant jacket on top. The key to success: always add something on top.


You have the ensemble, but it should be beautifully decorated. Otherwise, the outfit wouldn't be as chic as you wanted. A belt decorated in a special way, a set of bracelets or a pair of earrings could make your outfit look sassy. The key to success: add accessories.

4.Create a beautiful silhouette

I guess that, one way or another, this is the most difficult thing to do in winter. Clothes added on top of each other could make your silhouette look rather unpleasant. For this to not happen, try to always show your waist. It's very important! Do you want to wear a fluffy sweater? OK. Choose a pair of high waisted jeans. Do you want to wear a cozy dress? OK. Cinch your waist with a belt. Do you notice something repeating here? The key to success: try to always create a beautiful silhouette.


How do you protect yourself from cold weather?

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