Today I decided to take things on a personal side, so get a cup of tea and let's chat like friends. The tea is optional, of course, but you can not miss this lecture. A cup of coffee, and lemonade, or hey, and a glass of wine could work too! Because today we'll discuss about what I bought from my first salary!

The first salary is the first reward that you get due to your efforts to accomplish different tasks. It is a reward for the good things you did, it comes as a prize and a joy. To summarize, you can buy with that money whatever you want! And I guess you want to buy something amazing from your first salary. Something that you can keep for years. A good friend of mine once told me that her grandmother had bought an expensive bag from her first salary; a bag that still exists in her closet. And she keeps "borrowing" it when she wants to wear something sophisticated.

Let's get back to the subject! You probably got to know me in these months. What do you think I bought from my first salary?

A pair of pumps, of course!

A pair of pumps, of course! And it's not hard to guess why: I love high heels, I love the way they make you feel, and there are so many gorgeous pairs out there that I did not try yet!

I really wanted this new pair of shoes to be fantastic, to have a special feature. I had to face 2 difficulties though: one is that I received the salary at the end of February when only boots are in the stores and the other one is that I am size 3.5 on my feet. But I searched and I found.

This story happened in February 2016. I found the pumps at Mineli Boutique and here they are:

They are the fringe ones!

3 years later I still wear them when I want to look fabulous. I know that I can rely on them in these cases. Their aesthetic, the color combo and the shoe sole in the shape of a heart are some details that really make the difference. By the way, some time ago I wrote a blog post about the wow factor of an outfit, an article where I showed the crucial role that the details play.

However, recently, I made a change just to give them a new look: I cut the fringes! So here are they in the new version:


What did you buy or you want to buy from your first salary?

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