How to Raise a Basic Outfit in 6 easy steps
Today I focus on one of the most asked questions from you. And that is, to share my secrets on how to elevate a basic outfit. Are you ready to discover these 6 easy steps? Join me to discover how to elevate a basic outfit in 6 easy steps:

1. The key is the right pair of shoes

I'm not kidding, the right pair of shoes will do wonders to your outfit. Don't create a boring look by wearing boring black / brown shoes, like the ones you see in the morning on the subway. Those shoes are so sad that, if they could talk, they would say "don't wear us"! So, if you really want to elevate your style, you must upgrade your shoe collection.

TYPE NO. 1: Choose instead colorful shoes, garnished with pearls or a brooch, with vinyl inserts or having a geometrically shaped heel. The shoes shouldn't be only high heels.

2. Layers over layers

As I mentioned previously, an outfit composed of jeans and a simple top is a basic outfit. You can spot it everywhere. In order to elevate such a look, you need to add more elements. More precisely, use a scarf to tie your hair, use a structured blazer to keep a nice proportion to your silhouette or wear an underneath shirt. All of these will make your outfit pop.

TIP NO.2: Choose to add layers over layers in order to create a complex look.

3. The magic word? Accessories

I do recognize that my style is quite simple when it comes to accessories. But that's because I mostly wear colorful outfits, so it's not a surprise that accessories come in second place. But –and here I underline the word but– if your outfit consists only of a dress (or pants and a shirt), you need to make a smart move.

TIP NO.3: Add a statement belt, a colorful bag, geometric shaped bracelets or oversized earrings to spice up a simple look.

4. Do remember that the rainbow has 7 colors & #8230;

… Pthat you can use in your outfits. Colors continue to be on top of the fashion world. And even if neutrals are gaining momentum, you should bring them to life by mixing them with bold hues. Hence, when you create an outfit next time, take into consideration to add a super colorful piece.

TYPE NO. 4: Adding colors to your outfit will take it to a whole new level.

skirt: Zara | Top: unknown (similar one here) | Shoes Zara | Bag: Zara (similar one here)

5. Red lipstick is like the cherry on the top

Nothing seems sexier to me than an all-black outfit and red on the lips. Or an all-white outfit with a tint of red on the lips. Red is a fiery color, it is the first color to be noticed among other colors.

TIP NO.5: There are a lot of red lipstick shades, carefully choose the one that matches your skin tone.

6. Mix different prints

Lately, I think this has become like a new rule for me. You can see some examples here, here and here. Mixing different prints is hotter than ever, it truly elevates ones' basic outfit. For example, in today's outfit, I chose to mix the floral print on my top with the checkered print on my skirt.

TIP NO.6: Mix different prints in order to get a charming look.

How do you like to elevate your outfits?

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