How to organize your closet in a few easy steps
How to organize your closet in a few easy steps

OK, I understood - in the next few weeks we'll stay at home. But what are we going to do with our spare time? I decided that I'll pay more attention to my personal style and I'll write useful posts for you. Panic creates more panic, productivity creates beautiful projects instead. So, what if you would start by learning how to organize your closet?

In addition to washing your hands 30 times a day, reading negative Facebook posts, cleaning the door locks at every step, and watching Netflix all day long, I suggest you learn. Learn even more. Given this, I announce the launch of the first fashion lessons in the new "Define Your Style" category - lessons that will help you define your own STUNNING style. Thus, when you go out of hibernation, you will look fabulous and be ready to face the daily challenges. Are you ready?

Today I start with the first style lesson and which I consider to be the mother of style lessons - organizing the closet. More specifically, let's find out more about how to organize your closet in a few easy steps.

0. Clean your closet

How to organize your closet in a few easy steps

If we are in full pandemic season, I think this is the first step to be taken when you are thinking about (re) organizing your closet. A washcloth, a universal cleaning solution and possibly a glass cleaning solution should be enough for a professional cleaning. I also like to hide in my closet a small product that gives a pleasant fragrance. Scented sachets, an air freshener or an (unused) effervescent bath ball does wonders!

1. Sort Your Clothes by Season

I guess it's kind of obvious, but I wouldn't want to omit this. Winter sweaters have nothing to do with summer dresses, let alone shorts. So you can start by sorting your clothes by season.

COLD SEASON: puffer jackets, coats, sweaters, cardigans, pants, blazers, and others.

WARM SEASON: tee shirts, tank tops, cotton shirts, capri pants, skirts, summer dresses, and others.

How to organize your closet in a few easy steps
Some of Darius' thick sweaters

2. Keep Like Items with Like Items

How to organize your closet in a few easy steps

Here is another elementary step for easily organizing your closet. Specifically, keep like items with like items. Store all your belts together, keep your shoes in one place, keep your pajamas in a separate place. Also, keep your workout shirts separate from the clothes you wear out in town.

3. Up! On the Hanger!

How to organize your closet in a few easy steps

All the clothes you love and want to keep neat should be hanging on hangers. No doubt. For example, most of the clothes you see me wearing on the blog are hanging in the closet. Thus, I reach them easily and I can think of a complex outfit without too much effort. In the absence of space (I deal with this problem!), You can even hang two clothes together. Hang everything facing the same direction, with longer items on the left and shorter items on the right.

4. Fold Your Jeans and Thick Sweaters

How to organize your closet in a few easy steps

Stack all those pieces that are sturdy and thick, meaning they won't slump, crinkle, or lose their shape when you stack them. Darius 'jeans are folded on one shelf, my folded jeans are on another shelf, Darius' thick sweaters are on one shelf, mine are on another shelf. You got the idea.

5. Use Storage Boxes

They look good, don't cost much and help you organize your clothes better. Thus, the underwear can be stored in one box, the socks in another box. You can also proceed this way with all the other pieces that no longer fit in your closet. One thing I like to do is keep my accessories in wallets of different sizes. I do the same with sunglasses.

How to organize your closet in a few easy steps

6. Organize Your Closet by Colors

It is a piece of advice that I like to recommend, but that I have never been able to apply. I have clothes in too many colors that are difficult for me to separate them from each other. But a closet organized by color has many advantages, including that it allows you to reach your clothes easily and to create elevated outfits.

How to organize your closet in a few easy steps
How to organize your closet in a few easy steps

7. Put Aside Everything You Know You Won't Use Anymore

I think we're all at one point guilty of buying clothes that in time don't attract us anymore. Life happens. But when this happens, put your hand on a bag and place EVERYTHING you will no longer wear in it. I know, it's difficult, you get a sense of guilt like what-if-somehow-it-will-be-Useful-in-a-parallel-universe. Well, in 90% of cases you won't need that piece anymore. And if you still need it, it's the perfect excuse to go out shopping. Well, yes, this is a really cool tip! Once you have filled that bag, you can think of donating the clothes to people who really need them or you can take them to special containers located in your city.

What other tips do you know? Leave a comment down below. And don't forget! #stayhome.

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