There are a lot of make-up products that I love. For example, I couldn't live without my eyebrow pencil! BUT, there is always a “but”, lipsticks remain my first love! In an incredible variety of colors, matte, shiny or metallic, these represent the "weapon" from a woman's pocket. The red lipstick makes me feel seductive, the pink one makes me feel joyful, while the nude lipstick gives me a feeling of freedom. This blog post is dedicated to my favorite lipsticks from my make-up kit. Let's discover them together!

Disclaimer: The order is random!


& #8211; Sephora Cream Stain - Shade 38


If I were to visit Venice for a day, this would be the shade that I would pick for my lipstick. Ethereal, feminine and completely irresistible, is one of the shades for which I was often complimented. The liquid lipstick has a light texture and lasts quite a lot (up to 6 hours).

& #8211; Nyx Matte Lipstick - Audrey Shade


As pink as a hot summer sunset, it's easy to see why this lipstick is one of my favorites. Beside the beautiful and rich color, it lasts for a long time and has a light texture.

& #8211; Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick & #8211; Shade 005 Classic Red


Here it is my all-time favorite red lipstick! With warm undertones and very feminine, it is definitely a lipstick that I love (so much that I ended up buying more than one lipstick).

& #8211; Nyx Suede & #8211; Shade Peach don't kill my vibe


This is a provocative nude lipstick! A bit darker than a usual nude lipstick and with warm peachy undertones, this is the lipstick that I use when I have a meeting. Plus, it lasts for a few hours at least!

& #8211; MAC Matte & #8211; Diva Shade


A glamorous night in Los Angeles, this is how I would describe this shade! Provocative and mysterious, it is the color of a strong woman. It is a shade that I choose to wear mainly at night.

& #8211; Sephora #Lipstories & #8211; Shade Landing in Shanghai


One of the things that I really like at Lipstories collection is that the packaging has the same color as the lipstick! This is my favorite nude lipstick. It's always in my bag, because it has an irresistible shade.

& #8211; Sephora #Lipstories & #8211; Shade Buzz me


The perfect shade for a summer lipstick! Bold, joyful and scandalous, is the lipstick that I use on sunny days.

& #8211; Inglot Lip Pencil & #8211; Shade 11


I have been looking for years for the perfect shade of orange and personally, this lip pencil wins the prize! In a perfect shade of orange, it is perfect to wear it day by day.


Below you can see some swatches that I made:




Which is your favorite lipstick shade?

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