Jeans: Bershka (similar one here) | Top: Zara (similar one here) | Pumps: Zara (pink ones here)


Hi! My name is Andreea and besides my passion for clothes, I recognize that I am obsessed with shoes. and not any kind of shoes, but only heels. That's why, probably, I have only two pair of sneakers in my closet. That I wear hardly ever.


Every obsession starts with a story, right? Well, I started somewhere in college. Do not get me wrong! I love heels since I was a child when I was 13, together with my best friend, we borrowed her mother's heels (we were pretty lucky, she wears 35 cm) and we went walking outside. Drama queens! But passion has grown throughout the years and when I turned 18 years old, I knew that my love for heels was bigger than ever. So that was the moment when I bought my first pair of heels. More precisely, at that age, I bought my first pair of heeled boots with a height of 7 cm.

But then, in my first year of faculty, I bought myself a pair of boots with a height of 10 cm. And in the same way, I bought the second pair, the third pair, then I wanted heeled sandals, then pumps and ... here I am today. I adore heels and I can not wait to buy more pairs!


* As you can notice, the length of the heels varies a lot, because there are days when I need to stand still for quite a long time.



1. Size

The size of the shoe really matters. If it is too small, the shoe will cause discomfort when moving. If it is too large, it will create a very unpleasant visual effect.

2. Look

I do not like common, dull, simple shoe design. I always go for an elevated design, artsy if possible, with a chic print maybe or a shoe that has some interesting elements such as laces or pearls.

3. Weight

It's such an important factor to consider! If the shoes are heavy, my legs will hurt shortly after I wear them and I will not be able to move easily.


What other factors are important to you when buying shoes?

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