Girl in yellow dress

My summer days have been hectic so far: from the temperatures that went above 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) to all the activities that kept me busy all day long. And for all of these, I had to keep myself fresh and comfortable, so I tried to wear flowy, breathable fabrics. At the same time, I wanted to make each outfit look amazing, so I added different elements that made my outfit pop. Hence, I reviewed some of my favorite summer looks and now I'm ready to show you guys my summer wardrobe staples:

Girl with yellow dress

1. Flowy dresses

I love, love, love wearing flowy dresses during summer. Not only they look incredible, but they also feel incredible! I like how they don't need a lot of styling to look great, but also, I find them a perfect choice when the temperatures go up. One of my all-time favorite dresses is the one I'm wearing today: elegant, flowy and in a perfect yellow shade.

2. Shorts

Obviously, right? When it comes to shorts, I like to do a styling trick. This consists of combining shorts with a top with long sleeves, thus keeping proportions and creating a balance in the whole look.

Girl in white

3. White + white + white

During the summer, I avoid wearing black as much as possible. Black in the summer is like pineapple on top of a pizza. It simply doesn't belong there (fight me if you think otherwise! :))). Instead, I choose to wear bold colors and a lot of white. Despite is freshness, white is such a nice shade to wear during these days!

Girl with headband

4. Headbands

These headbands have dual functionality: they offer an elegant aesthetic and they don't allow the hair to fall down on my face during hot days. I like the bold, padded ones because they make any pop outfit, like the one I'm wearing today.

Girl with pink pants

5. Palazzo pants

If at the beginning of the blog post I was telling you about flowy dresses, now it's time to move on to palace pants. Beyond the comfort they offer, they too have the advantage of creating the illusion of elongated legs. Most of the time I like to wear them with platform sandals (to make the legs look even longer) or with square heeled shoes.

6. Denim skirts

It shouldn't come as a surprise, denim continues to rock the fashion world. Not only because of its versatility, but also because of its casual vibe that doesn't require a lot of care. I like to wear denim skirts with oversized shirts or with colorful tops. 

7. Cotton

Cotton is such an essential fabric to wear during the summer. And even if I don't wear it outside, it's my favorite fabric to wear inside. A set of cotton pajamas sounds like heaven to me!

Girl with floral top

8. Sleeveless tops

Now seriously, who needs sleeves at over 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit)? Nobody! A top with wide straps like the one I'm wearing in the image or one with thin straps gives me more comfort than a classic top with sleeves.

Girl with yellow dress

Dress: Zara (similar one here) | Shoes Zara | Headband: Zara (similar one here) | Bag: Mohito (similar one here)

9. Square heeled sandals

I walked quite a lot this summer. And, most of the time, even if I'm a high heels addict, I prefer to wear square heeled sandals. Overall, I look for unique designs that make any outfit pop.

10. Hair clips and hair ties

Aren't they perfect for a hot summer day? I like to keep my hair tied in a ponytail during torrid days and when temperatures drop down, I like to add hair clips. Not only do they give a whole new look to the outfit, but they make me look different day by day.

What do you like to wear during crazy hot summer days?

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