Naxos has a special meaning to me. Apart from its stunning beauty, on this magnificent island, I got engaged. You can read the full story here. And since I haven't told you yet about the experience I had there, join me now on a beautiful travel journey. Maybe you'll be inspired and who knows, you could be the next one to go to Naxos.


Naxos is the largest island of the Cyclades from Greece. Located about 220 km from Athens, it is majestically elevated in the middle of the sea. Hence, you can get here in two ways: by plane or by ferry. We chose the second option because, in this way, we could admire from the distance other islands and because of the price. We had the bad luck to meet some huge waves on our way to Naxos (who feel some of the travelers to the bath asap), but the Blue Star Ferries staff - the company we traveled with was very careful, they immediately assured us everything would be OK.


Naxos is an amazing island with humble people. If you want to go there, you will definitely have no trouble finding fantastic places to stay, with prices more than convenient. We stayed at Aggeliki's Diamond where we enjoyed every moment. The pool, the remarkable Cycladic style, the delicious breakfast and all the other amenities were amazing. Other good things? It is located only 50 m from Agia Anna Beach and there are pubs, restaurants, shops from where you can rent a car and a supermarket nearby. The perfect location!


As I said before, Naxos is a big island that cannot be fully visited in 1-2 days. From its beaches to ruins and museums, there are a lot of places to go to. We Sunbathed at Agia Anna Beach and Plaka Beach and these are some gorgeous spots: fine sand and clear sea. Then, Naxos Chora also known as the Naxos Old Town is a place where you can find a lot of shops and restaurants. We spoiled ourselves with tasty lunches and amazing souvenirs. From spices, feta cheese and the famous olive oil, to Kitron, which is a local beverage, we tasted everything! Kitron is a citron liqueur made from the fruit and leaves of the lemon tree, which is similar to the lemon tree, but stronger in taste. Here, more precisely at Naxos Eye Store, Darius bought the engagement right, with the fabulous pearl you can see here.

Portara, Dionysos Temple, Apollo Temple, the Venetian Museum and the numerous churches are other notable places to visit. Not to mention that you go sailing around the island!


I think Greek food should be more appreciated and famous than it is now. When we first left for Greece, I knew only about gyros, the Greek salad and… nothing else. Well, in Greece you'll serve some amazing and big meals! Aside from the two foods I already mentioned, there are: stuffed tomatoes with rice and herbs, marinated fish, the scrumptious naxian potatoes, the Greek Moussaka made with zucchini and eggplant and so many more! If you decide to visit Naxos, we highly recommend going to Akrogiali, a Greek tavern near the seaside, on the Agia Anna Beach. We went there like 3-4 times, which says quite a lot!


Have you ever visited a greek island? If yes, which one? Let me know in the comments!


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