Good things need time. It's a thing I've learned over the past few years and that goes perfectly in the case of a civil wedding. Today's story is all about glitter, romance, colorful flowers and lots of smiles. I hope you'll enjoy this reading and now let me get ready to tell you about it our civil wedding story.

Smiling couple


I was telling you some time ago that Darius proposed to me on a wonderful beach from Naxos. This was happening one year ago in September. Some months later after all the emotions have disappeared, more precisely when the weather was cold and ugly in January, we began to discuss when and how we are going to organize our civil wedding. Taking into account that September is a special month for both of us, we decided to marry in September.

Smiling girl
Actually, here I was freaking out. I & #8217; m so happy that I could smile after all!
Me and my brother
Me and my brother striking a pose


Eeer, and from that moment until September 14th when we actually married, time passed so freaking quickly. And somehow, even if we carefully planned our actions, there were days when we ran like some weird people from one place to another. The first thing we have done after announcing our families was to go shopping in order to prepare our outfits. I chose to wear an incredible dress, made from a fantastic glittery fabric from Hellen Fashion. This boutique has only physical stores and one of them can be found at Mega Mall, Bucharest. Those amazing sandals are from Zara, Blue Collection and they paired beautifully with the dress. Darius chose to wear a shirt and a blazer from AC&CO, and his pants and shoes are from Zara, too. We paired perfectly together! Speaking of couple dressing, you can find a guide on how to match clothes right here.

Happy couple
Perfect shot
Did someone say that we like to pose like normal people?
Our civil wedding story


We decided to organize the party after the ceremony on Trattoria Buongiorno Lido. And we were so right! The restaurant's event planner is such an incredible and humble lady. She did everything to ensure that things were going great for us. The food out there was beyond delicious, the whole location expressed sophistication and the servers helped us with everything.

The floral bouquet that you notice in the photos is from Floraria Iris and it was the most amazing floral arrangement that I could dream of. Magic, delicate and colorful, made me fall in love with it.


Our wedding cake

The delicious cake you see in the image is from Zoomserie. It's called Bueno Profiterol and it gives you a #foodgasm once you taste it. The delicious chocolate and all that explosive sweetness made everyone happy!

Me and my cousin
Me and my couple, completely overwhelmed by the whole event
First kiss as husband and wife


Emotions at the power of one hundred! This is how I could describe our civil wedding day. I and Darius were so emotional back then! From the moment we first entered the room until we closed the door behind the last guests, time passed like crazy.

The wedding ceremony created a shield of protection around our love and we were so happy to have our families close to us during that day. The photos were taken by my incredible brother who really knows how to take pictures that tell stories. After the ceremony ended, we headed to Romanian Athenaeum to take pictures with all the guests. The party continued to the restaurant where we felt amazing, and the whole event ended at home, where we spent some quality time with some of our guests.

Happy couple


our families, because they supported us on the most difficult times,

Darius, because he survived with a big smile on his face and he encouraged me all the time,

our guests, because they are such humble people,

all the beautiful people who contributed to this ceremony,

you, my incredible readers, because you always support me and you had the patience to read this long post.

Happy ending
D + A = <3

With love,
Andreea Popescu

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