Ane of the first things that come into our mind when we think of pastel colors is the spring season. It's obvious, right? Pastel colors are joyful, delicate and feminine. Just like spring! Below, you'll find a list of the best colors to wear this spring:


sweater: Zara (out of stock- similar one here) | skirt: Poem (similar one here) | Shoes: You are (pink ones here)




Pink is definitely the color of millennials! Sweet, cute and tender, this color has been successfully “adopted” by everything linked to the design world: from interior design to graphic design.

Chic blush color pieces: a suit, jacket, an A-line dress

Best tones to pair with blush color: light blue, gray, light green



Another hue as warm and cute as the previous one is light yellow. A color associated with creativity, light yellow expresses enthusiasm and a challenging personality. It's the perfect color to wear when you want to stand out in a crowd!

Chic lemonade color pieces: a dress, a pair of pants, a sweater

Best tones to pair with lemonade color: lavender, light blue, light pink



Even if it is a color from the cold tones, light blue is the color associated with tranquility, understanding and softness. Versatile, this color is suitable for office wear or for a day by day look.

Chic sky color pieces: the shirt, the suit, the blouse

Best tones to pair with sky color: red, mint, light pink



It would have been impossible not to include on the list the color of 2019! Animated, full of energy and affectionate, it is a wonderful color that refreshes any closet.

Chic salmon color pieces: a skirt, a dress, a blazer

Best tones to pair with salmon color: light blue, golden, teal

5.Key files

Spring is the season when nature comes back to life and an explosion of green encompasses the entire environment. So, light green is definitely a good color to wear during this season! One lovely shade is the one that has a cold undertone.

Chic key lime color pieces: a blazer, a blouse, a pair of pants

Best tones to pair with key lime color: lavender, dark chocolate, light pink



What pastel colors do you like to wear during spring?

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