The sales have started! * Claps *

And once with them, here begins the characteristic bustle and mess of the season. Personally, I recognize that I like to buy cheaper things (who doesn't?), But all of this clutter stress me quite a lot. So I decided to write down a list of useful sales tips such that, when you go shopping, you'll leave the shops smiling. Ready?

1.Write down a list of the items you need

You probably already have some pieces in mind, but the temptation is everywhere and the mess from the shops can easily draw your attention. A note on your smartphone before leaving the house will be very useful.

2.Invest in key pieces

Quality, not quantity, is important in life. Choose to invest your money in key pieces that you can wear in the coming seasons. Here I refer to an elegant blazer, an It bag or a beige trench coat.

3.Wear a comfortable outfit during shopping

No bracelets over bracelets, no to the clothes with a lot of buttons, no to a dress with a zipper on the back that is hard to dress up. In my case, I wore a blouse with large sleeves, a pair of leather pants and a vest that was very easy to work with. The belt with the gold detail completed the whole outfit perfectly.

4.Shop online

Somehow, this advice is not like the others, but oh, you'll save a lot of time if you apply it! Try out the clothes you like in the shops before the sales start, search for your favorite ones on the brand's website and when the sales start, just finish your order.

5.Have patience

If you choose to go shopping, try to have a lot of patience and always remember that shopping should be pleasing, not stressful. Smile, touch, test, try out new clothes, buy what you like.

Below, you can find some sets containing my top picks from these sales. Maybe you like something from the list, what do you think?

Polka dots blouse | Velvet dress | Tweed jacket

Jacquard jacket | Plaid dress | Shirt

Poplin shirt | Print sweater | Blazer

Plaid pencil skirt | Animal print boots | Velvet dress

Tweed jacket | Palazzo pants | Skinny jeans

Jeans | Vintage pink trench coat | Cardigan

What pieces do you like the most?

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