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Autumn, with its gloomy weather, with its cold and long showers, with its rich colors of red and yellow, induces a meditative mood that is perfect for reading. There are very popular right now the photos with leaves fallen on the ground, photos with hot coffee or the ones that show a cozy scarf near an open book.

Fall is good for the soul, because it feeds us with knowledge and reflection. It allows us to grow and reach our true potential.

This is why, in the previous months, I analyzed, compared and read books. And today I present to you 5 books that you can't miss:

1. “12 seamstresses who changed history” by Bertrand Meyer - Stabley

I don't know if there is an English version of this book, but if you find one, just let me know! If you love fashion, as I do, you need to read this book that creates an explosive show through fashion history. In the fascinating storytelling, there are described the lives of 12 creative, successful fashion designers, true inspirations for style enthusiasts. Starting with Rose Bertin and ending with Miuccia Prada, the book contains fabulous stories and it helps you see how fascinating this fashion world truly is. Amazing!

2. “How to stop time” by Matt Haig

Both exciting and profound, Haig's book traces the outline of a story that makes the reader fall in love with it. For sure, I did fall in love! By reading this book, you will meet Tom Hazard, a man who has the appearance of a 41 year old man, even he lives for centuries because of a very rare disease. Wildly, nostalgically, and original, the book "How to stop the time" will surely make the time stop when you read it.

3. “Origin” by Dan Brown

Dan Brown is already a popular name in the world of books. The author does what he does best and every time he comes up with a breathtaking story. Personally, I recognize that "Origin" has amazed me. Captivating and dynamic, it outlines a new chapter in Robert Langdon's life that will highlight the ongoing "battle" between science and religion. The background? Spain and its gorgeous landscapes! It's a book that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to to keep pace with the fashion of… science.

4. “Decoded” by Mai Jia

The world of secret information continues to be a great mystery to many of us, so I invite you to open the door to Rong Jinzhen's life, a brilliant genius of mathematics, which will reveal some mysterious aspects of the work in a secret department. Discover the power of mathematics, the fragility of the genius character, and a history full of emotions in a book that kept me captivated until its last page.

5. “Anne of Green Gables” by LMMontgomery

Although a book for children, "Anne of Green Gables" opens the magical world of childhood, of the adventures of the red-headed Anne Shirley. Captivating and full of amazing descriptions, it will be almost impossible not to love this novel and, implicitly, love the main character of the story. Personally, the book made me feel good, and it also gave me a childish curiosity to learn more about Anne, looking for information on the gorgeous location where the action takes place. I won't reveal more! I'll let you find the place.

What book recommendation would you do to me? I'm waiting for your suggestion in your comments. ?


Love and kisses,

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