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 Dress: Zara| Jacket: Zara | Belt: Stradivarius | Tights: Calzedonia | Bag: Zara

Gand ready to be fierce! This season, inhibitions are forgotten, and the leopard print returns in trending better than ever! Strong, fierce, yet feminine, this print offers sophistication to the one whose wearing it. Moreover, it is so versatile that it can be worn with a pair of sports shoes. 

For the outfit I'm wearing today, I've chosen a dress that is very simple when it comes to its cuts, but is also complicated when it comes to its print. A cool and modern version of wearing this print is to use solid colors, more precisely to use simple monochrome materials. For example, I used this lovely red jacket and the black cozy tights. The red boots completed the entire outfit, making it look very stylish. As accessories, I chose a belt (red, what a surprise!) And a white bag, since it is a hot item this season. I could say that, when it comes to prints (all kinds of prints, not only the exotic ones), the key is to control the print.

Think of prints as a percentage! 20% print means that you can "season" it with other dramatic articles; for example, a lot of color. 50% print tells you that you need to be careful to get a balance between the print and the other things you use. 80% print tells you that all the work is done by the print and that only a pair of simple shoes is necessary. Ah! Math is everywhere! Other ideas to wear this print:

In the same colors as the print

The safest option, I would say. A perfectly balanced and good-looking combination. It is enough to choose only one article with print, the rest can be simple, brown.

source: pinterest
Leopard print accessories

This would be a percentage of 20-30%, which means you can add even more prints! At the same time, it's perfect for those of you who don't want to wear a single leopard print piece.

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With other colors

When I say "other colors", I refer to strong and vibrant colors. Personally, I love the combination between blue - yellow - leopard print. Don't you?

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In the ensemble

It is that 80% of which I was talking about above. Personally, the choice of the white sports shoes looks perfect to me, because it balances the whole outfit. The natural makeup is again, a perfect choice!

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In an unusual combination

Here I refer to a combination of pieces that come from different areas of fashion which separately, express a message, but when paired together, offer an image. This could be said about the styling from the image. A fascinating combination!

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Be in trending with the leopard print!

Do you have leopard print clothes in your wardrobe?

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