Valentine's day is just around the corner, and most shops have been decorated in pink, red, with teddy bears, hearts, balloons and chocolate. Even though there are couples out there who don't celebrate this event, I thought that I could give a list of tips for those of you who want to look fabulous on such a special day. I know, love can be celebrated every day, but style deserves a special place on such a day. Below you'll find a set of tips on what to wear on Valentine's Day:

Blouse: Reserved (similar one here) | skirt: New Yorker | Boots: Reserved (similar one here)

1.Elegance is the key

Love is such a pure and sincere feeling. Treat it appropriately. Choose delicate, silky and seductive textures. For example, in today's outfit, I chose to wear a feminine shirt, with glittery accents. The bow and skirt folds are feminine elements, which highlight the romance of the event.

2.Go for a warm color palette

I don't want to mean that a green velvet dress wouldn't work, but this celebration of love can be easily associated with pink, red, purple, orange, white or black. The monochrome outfit or color combination of the previous hues will work great for an evening in two. For example, I chose a pale pink shirt and a burgundy velvet skirt.

3.Use seductive perfume

I like to think that the perfume is an essential part of an outfit. The perfume will have an aphrodisiac effect on your partner while you're out at a restaurant or even at home. As always, the essence is in the details, and a high quality perfume will make a big difference.

4.Go for feminine pieces

We got used to the image of the strong woman wearing a polished suit, but my advice would be to embrace your femininity on Valentine's Day. Enjoy your partner's company by wearing an outfit with feminine accents such as: ruffles, bows, lace, midi skirts, retro dresses, pearls, and the list goes on.

5.Add accessories to your outfit

Choose the appropriate jewelry depending on the complexity of the outfit you chose to wear. My advice would be to go for a minimal look, on the idea that less is more. A fine bracelet, a pair of geometric-shaped earrings or a gold necklace could tell a better story than some opulent accessories.


Have you decided what you are going to do on Valentine's Day?

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