Ce poți purta pentru a părea mai înaltă
Ce poți purta pentru a părea mai înaltă

When you're short and want to dress up accordingly to your height, it's more than vital (believe me) to choose those pieces that flatter your silhouette. Psychologically speaking, it's an attempt to impose and perhaps to achieve that height that corresponds to our desires. And believe me, I speak from my experience. I'm only 5'1 tall (that means 1.54 meters) and all my life I've tried to look taller. So today I'm more than excited to share with you guys what to wear to look taller:

Ce poți purta pentru a părea mai înaltă

1. Wear high-waisted clothing pieces

I want to introduce you to one of my favorite style concepts: high-waisted pieces. Drums sound, applause, ovations. These high-waisted pieces are the BEST thing that could be invented for petite silhouettes. High-waisted pants and skirts offer the illusion of elongated legs and create that hourglass silhouette that continues to be a trend among women around the world. As for me, jeans never have a short waist and I'm obsessed with pencil skirts.

2. When in doubt, tuck it in

More precisely, tuck your blouses into your pants / skirts. This tip is in the same category as the one above & #8211; the best thing to do in order to create the illusion of elongated legs. Additionally, when it comes to flared pants or a maxi skirt, both of these can easily lead you to +10 cm added to your height. And this makes me think of…

3. Choose the right pair of heels

This is not a secret anymore. Everyone knows that heels are a petite person's best friend. And when you look taller, heels are the first to come into your mind. BUT & #8211; and this “but” falls into that category of this stick-to-your-head & #8211; you don't have to suffer when wearing heels. Even 4 cm may help you a lot and this heel height is recommended for a day-by-day look at the office.

4. Wear crop tops

Crop tops were a huge trend a few years ago, but they still continue to rock the fashion universe. As for me, I adore wearing crop tops. I like how I can mix and match them with high-waisted pants or skirts and how they help me achieve a harmonious silhouette. And since they don't cross the line of the hips, they create a slightly elongated figure.

Ce poți purta pentru a părea mai înaltă
Ce poți purta pentru a părea mai înaltă

Outfit details: Pants: Zara (similar ones here) | Top: Zara (similar one here) | Sandals: Zara | Headband: Zara | Bag: Zara (similar one here)

5. Wear structured pieces

I know, this isn't easy, mostly because we live in a world dominated by oversized pieces that don't flatter a petite person's body. S.O.S! I would love to see more structured pieces in the shops. When I dress up in an oversized shirt, I end up looking like a hot-dog. So, no matter how tempting this trend of oversized clothing is, my advice is to focus on structured clothing pieces that flatter your body shape.

6. Apply Math in fashion

And the Math concept you have to apply in fashion is fairly simple: proportions. Take these into account and you will create a harmonious silhouette every time. Specifically, you need to think of the following:

  1. Skirt or shorts imply a blouse with long sleeves
  2. No more than 50 & #8211; 60% print in a look
  3. Vertically> Horizontally

And remember! These tips are strictly for petite girls.

7. Go for monochrome looks

Choose the main color and build the outfit around it. For recent months, there has been a great appeal for pastel colors and muted tones. I highly recommend you to wear beige, pistachio green, red, white and navy blue. There are many other shades you can go for, but the 5 mentioned above have the advantage of creating a modern look.

What do you wear to look taller? –

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